Rosemary Beetle or Tortix Moth?

Shrivelled grey leaves, green caterpillar and a beetle – could this be rosemary beetle damage is it Tortrix moth?

Just outside the kitchen is a small bed which can be seen through the glass backdoor, so among other things I planted a rosemary – a white flowered one, in fact. It made fabulous growth last year and although it is now listing sideways due to the strong winds we have had over the past few months, it is looking generally bright green and healthy. Apart, that is, from some rather grey and dry looking bunches of leaves on some shoots.

Rosemary Beetle

On closer inspection I discovered a small beetle like creature. You can see it centre stage in the picture below.

Rosemary Beetle?

And a closer look. Not a brightly coloured Rosemary Beetle, but a weevil of some kind.


I also found a pupa.


and a green caterpillar.


This may be the culprit!   Tortrix moth – the damage caused by these can look a little like rosemary beetle damage and on closer inspection of the damaged shoots there is evidence of silky threads that might have cocooned a developing pupa.

I pruned out the affected shoots and threw them away.

Tortrix moth has probably caused some of the damage to the rosemary bush, so in future I can search out the bound up leaves and squeeze them together in order to crush any caterpillars concealed within.