Small triangular garden for plant lover

Designed for the  plant loving owner to enjoy all year round, with easy access to beds and borders.


Small triangular garden for plant lover.

South facing triangular back garden of approximately 47 square metres on new build estate. The garden had been laid to lawn, with a terraced area outside the french windows.

Client Wish List:

  • Pond
  • alpine bed
  • no grass
  • herbaceous border
  • raised or sunken areas
  • better access to garage
  • easy all weather access to beds and borders
  • plants and planting by client once hard landscaping complete



Small triangular garden


Small triangular garden


The construction company had laid a generous terrace next to the house and laid the remaining area to grass with a stepping stone path to the garage door.

The owner wanted a garden in which to potter and fulfill her love of plants.

A raised alpine bed was created alongside the terrace, so that the delicate plants could be appreciated at close quarters and to provide good drainage.

A brick path was created round the garden to provide access whatever the weather. The existing stepping stone path to the garage was improved using a combination of brick and the original stepping stones to give a feeling of unity.




Small triangular garden

The pale fencing was  slightly darkened, so that it melts more into the background, and wires were fixed with a view to supporting climbing plants.

A small seating area, which catches the morning sun, was created for the lazy, hazy days of summer breakfast outside.

The owner is now enjoying finding plants and filling the beds and borders with old favourites and new finds. As the plants establish and mature they soften the edges of the hard landscaping and create a garden that can be enjoyed all year round.


  • Small triangular garden
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