Seaside Garden with Wheelchair Access

A contemporary, low maintenance garden close to the sea, with wheelchair access to all corners for sunbathing.


Back Garden of approximately 160 square metres.

House sits some 50cm higher than the garden.

North and East facing a few hundred metres from the sea, somewhat sheltered by other nearby properties. Receives early morning sun which moves round the garden and disappears in the afternoon. Existing deck area with railing to be removed, along with the Wendy House.

Client Wish List:

  • Very low maintenance
  • Planting tolerant of seaside winds and weather conditions
  • Deck Area
  • Areas for sunbathing as sun moves around the garden
  • Wheelchair access


Seaside Garden Wheelchair Access


Seaside Garden Wheelchair Access


The owners wanted to transform the garden that originally comprised a decking area with balustrade, adjacent to the house and steps leading down onto a flat area of grass, into a very low maintenance garden with wheelchair access, where the sun could be enjoyed as it moved around the area.

A new deck area was created adjacent to the house with level access to the house through the newly installed bifold doors and french windows. This area easily accommodates a large table and chairs for entertaining.

Two gently sloping ramps lead down into the garden.  Indian Sandstone paving was used to create areas to sit and catch the sun, and a generous path leads round the garden.

Raised beds were created beside the decking , for safety, and to add interest with the changing levels. A reflective pond was installed and the lawn area was laid to artificial grass for low maintenance.

Horizontal fencing was used to increase height along the raised deck area and create more privacy between neighbours.


  • Seaside Garden Wheelchair Access

This seaside garden was planted by a local nursery* for visual impact and a rather tropical feel.

*Architectural Plants

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