Family Garden for Car Enthusiast

A generous garden that subtly includes ample hard standing for the car enthusiasts to pursue their hobby.


North facing back garden sloping up away from house. Approximately 14 metres x 20 metres

Client Wish List:

  • Hard surface extending from drive-through garage to far end of garden where a workshop was intended to be built.
  • Driveway to blend into garden
  • Driveway to be accommodating of potential oil spills and other car maintenance ‘accidents’.
  • Family garden with a lawn and space to grow vegetables.


  • Family Garden Car Enthusiast


  • Family Garden Car Enthusiast


The existing garden was essentially an area of rough grass with an out of date patio. The owners wanted a family garden and also plenty of hard standing that would lead from the drive-through garage to a workshop, which was to be constructed at the far end of the garden. There were also thoughts of a productive garden that might include fruit and vegetables.

A new terrace was created that sweeps round a circular lawn and merges with the driveway leading to the far end. Two sets of steps lead up to the lawn, inviting exploration of the garden, taking you through two ample mixed borders and on to the vegetables and fruit.

Two pergolas were designed over the driveway, to add height and a sense of presence. The first leads up the garden, across the brick circle, past the arbour and seat to the right, and on towards the second pergola and workshop. These pergolas could support scented and other climbing  plants to create a wonderful garden feel rather than emphasizing the large driveway.

The surface of the driveway was divided into sections. By varying the surface finish, the visual impact of a potentially large area of hardstanding was blended into the overall look of the garden. Brindle coloured brick was chosen nearest to the workshop in order to reduce the visual impact of potential oil spills and other car enthusiast side effects.

The garden was an ongoing project for the owners at the time of the photographs.

Family Garden Car Enthusiast