Garden Design Process


First Stage

Initial consultation and site visit

The key to success, where we discuss what you want from your garden. I will then draw up a full estimate of charges and submit this to you in writing.

Outline plan

A survey of the garden will be drawn up with accurate measurements of dimensions and gradients, and existing features.
Then an outline plan will be prepared for discussion, followed by a return visit to discuss the proposals and finalise details. Once you are happy with the plan the final version will be completed.

If required a coloured plan and an axonometric drawing can be provided in order to help visualize the design. There may be potential for marking out some or all of the design on site, in order to help get a sense of how the spaces will look and feel.

Detailed Outline Plan

The outline plan is developed to fully reflect all the details.

Subsequent Stages

These can be quoted for and added in stages as required

Planting Design

A detailed plan showing which plants go where, together with a schedule of plants and numbers for use when ordering.

Construction drawings
Where necessary technical drawings are made, to ensure that a landscape contractor can realise the garden as designed.

Scope of Works and specification

A set of written instructions and information to facilitate the tendering process

Tender process

Issuing documentation to potential landscape contractors enabling them to quote for the construction fairly and accurately.

Project monitoring

Liaising with client and contractor during construction, to ensure things run as smoothly as possible.

Aftercare and maintenance

A maintenance schedule can be drawn up. Visits can be made to assess how the garden is developing, and to discuss future care.